Wednesday, September 2, 2009


First of all I would like to state that I am not actually against depopulation. I do believe the world is overpopulated. I agree that something must be done about it. I also would not like to be in the position that world leaders are in, whereby they have to make horrible decisions in order to save the planet. This blog does copy and paste lots of information found from all over the web, which means everything you read here should be prefaced with "I think...." which means the articles have not been researched personally by myself. You should do your own research. I;ve done mine. I think if you look at the fact we have fished out 14 of the worlds 15 fish reserves we can't keep our population explosion going forever without ultimately sacrificing the planet. I do not believe the planet being sacrificed will be 'allowed' to happen. Therefore it is only logical that if we cannot keep our own population at the proper levels... the elitists will do it for us. It's not going to be pleasant. It's mass genocide after all. When you put yourself in the decision makers' shoes and realize a lot of us have to go... and unwillingly then and only then can you start to understand the mechanics of the machine, and we are certainly not in the drivers seat. The purpose of this blog is not to be anti-establishment; it is merely to warn those who have the intelligence to see things for what they are and work on preparing themselves and their family for what I believe is a painfully obvious depopulation agenda which has arrived right on our doorstep. This blog is intended to inform those who have the capacity to reason logically and hopefully share it with other thinking individuals. Those who do not heed what I believe to be very clear warning signs of what is clearly about to occur, then you are probably one of the ones that the culling was intended for anyway. Typically you will read this type of info and nothing will register or write it off as fantasy or words of a conspiracy freak and go back to watching TV and eating a microwave dinner. That's ok. This blog is not for you. Ignorance is bliss. It is written for the ones that read the info and have the capacity to join the dots and realize the depopulation agenda is here.. it's now, and if you are not part of the super wealthy elite who are calling the shots, only the informed may survive. So stay informed! It is official WHO policy now to mandate for a population reduction of around 80-90%, not a conspiracy - official policy. Did you get that? So now ask yourself by what means could a population reduction of that magnitude even be possible? Ahh... read on!

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